Cardano360 April 2022

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Every month, we’re bringing you the latest from the fast-expanding Cardano universe with Cardano360. Here you’ll see the freshest news & feature content from across the ecosystem.

With your regular host, IOG’s VP Community & Ecosystem, Tim Harrison, we’re sitting down with guests from the community for a deeper dive. Join us as we take a look at the innovations happening on Cardano.

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00:00:00 Welcome to the April edition of Cardano360
00:01:09 Update from David Taylor from the Cardano Foundation
00:04:35 Interview with sidechain projects – Milkomeda, Wanchain with Morgan Schofield
00:16:55 EVM sidechain project overview with Kathryn Stacy
00:21:25 Marlowe Pioneers Program & recent updates to Marlowe
00:25:57 Update from the Project Catalyst team
00:34:00 Development Update with John Woods, NIgel Hemsley and Kevin Hammond
00:43:27 Connecting with the community projects with Matthew Capps – SundaeSwap & Orbis on the power of Cardano eUTxO model
00:52:52 Shahaf Bar Geffen with the latest on Djed
00:58:49 Closing remarks

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👉 Marlowe:
Introducing the new command line interface tool for Marlowe:
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👉 Development update:
Boosting Cardano’s throughput with script referencing:
Cardano Technical Briefing: Plutus by John Woods:

👉 Sidechains:
Collaborating on Cardano interoperability:

👉 Project Catalyst:
Introducing the Concept of Delegate Representatives (dReps):
FT x Cardano Blockchain Challenge:
Project Catalyst launches incubator for Africa:
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