Hearts of Iron IV – Meta Division Templates

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With the many guides that are out there for designing division templates; utilising as many benefits each different military hardware uses whilst standardising your industry to prevent deficits, there is a clear trend which suggests that overall, there should only ever be – at most – four different division templates you should ever need to use. Although my personal design choices should not be adhered to absolutely, and your starting country’s limitations, in addition to your play-style, will affect the outcome of how your divisions appear, these four designs will serve you incredibly well against the AI provided you can implement their capabilities effectively, and are recommended to copy for players who do not know what makes a ‘good’ division.

Infantry Division

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Termed the ‘Infantry Division’ – this is a combination of mostly infantry battalions in addition to two artillery and one anti-air battalion, alongside a full loadout of support companies. This will be your first and likely only division through (at least) the first-half of your game, after converting all your starting divisions into an infantry template. The aim of this is to maximise your capacity to produce more divisions early-game, where your economy will be much weaker. When your economy is strong enough, it is then time to start specialising your division, firstly by adding the cannon battalions before incorporating the appropriate support companies (if not already present).

The Infantry Division’s versatility allows it to serve as a multi-role unit on the battlefield, and can be easily modified to suite the needs of the player and the capabilities of your country’s economy. When combined with air superiority, it is more than possible for this single division template alone to be used in a total world conquest.

Garrison Division

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Designed to maximise suppression to curtail resistance whilst minimising production costs, the ‘Garrison Division’ in its final form at first appears daunting to both make and produce, but this design will likely only ever evolve to use every battalion slot in an end-game scenario where the player has enough resources and factories to produce whatever they need en-mass, and needs to immediately reduce their resistance/increase compliance…

Your Garrison Division will normally be built around using a pre-designed cavalry division, or any division which has the highest suppression and/or whilst requiring the lowest amount of equipment to produce. When you have a major surplus in support equipment and guns, you should then think about adding a Military Police (MP) support company onto your GD if researched. Lastly, exchange the battalions you are using for this template out with armoured cars when researched and once you have a major surplus in them. Armoured cars have the highest suppression stat by its own accord, as well as in proportion to its production cost.

It is only then that overtime you should consider adding additional armoured car companies to your Garrison Division template to maximise the effectiveness of your MP support company.

Armoured Division

img 631f017248cb5

The ‘Armoured Division’ uses a combination of armoured and mobile battalions to penetrate the enemy lines on the battlefield. Although strictly-speaking, it is possible to win without the use of any armoured division, using infantry-only divisions throughout your game will lead to wars of attrition which can lead to exponential casualties of which you cannot afford. However, this template should not become your main division produced. They require a far more developed economy to build, maintain and to supply – even with a strong railway system and level 3 motorisation priority, in certain terrain types, supplying more than 10 of these divisions will become troublesome.

Typically, you will begin producing these divisions mid-late-game, unless your starting country is closer to being an economic powerhouse than your neighbours, at which point it is recommended to focus on building the foundations of this template – the medium/modern tanks and motorised/mechanised battalions – before adding artillery, anti-air and the respective support companies.

It is best recommended to use these divisions on plains’ terrain in concentrated areas; to breakthrough fortified provinces where the enemy is entrenched and/or in pincer movements to encircle enemy divisions divisions which in-turn will disorganise the enemy’s forces.

Anti-Entrenchment Division

img 631f01726ac83

The final division, what I have dubbed as the ‘Anti-Entrenchment Division’ is a purely end-game, mostly optional, division, to only ever be implemented when declaring a final war on another/last superpower with hundreds of divisions; thousands of aeroplanes and with copious amounts of military factories to supply them. This division must be supplied with a level 3 motorisation priority and a level 5 railway network with local supply hubs.

This division is recommended to be made when you have all the materials to do so, as opposed to gradually ‘evolving’ a template overtime. This involves both collecting enough Army XP, and the required equipment to train any amount of these divisions you will need. At full strength, you may only need to deploy at most a handful of these divisions to breakthrough fully entrenched and well-fortified enemy divisions, even in the harshest of terrains.

Finally, this template was deemed necessary as one of the four division templates you should ever need because of the nature of how wars exceeding past 1950 when every major power has researched every technology come to a standstill as a result of repeatedly failed naval invasions, and ground attacks.

That’s everything we are sharing today for this Hearts of Iron IV guide. This guide was originally created and written by Lord Brennan of Hougun Manor. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

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