How to Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees 2022!

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In this article, We are going to learn about How to Withdraw SLP with No Gas Fees or Zero Gas Fees from Ronin Wallet. Following this guide, you will be able to Transfer SLP directly to your Binance Account without having to Pay a Single penny as a transaction cost.

As we all know, Withdrawing our SLP is such a headache because half the SLP tokens are Burned due to high Gas Fees when transferring our Axie Infinity Rewards from Ronin Wallet.

Also, We will be discussing tips and tricks about what is the Right Time to Withdraw SLP with No Gas Gas Fees due to which we can judge when is the Gas Fees are very low so that you don’t have to go through a very long process which we will cover Given below.

Best Time to Withdraw SLP Gas Fees

The Best time to withdraw SLP Gas Fees is to monitor the current gas Fees of SLP.

You can check the current Gas fees of SLP on the Official Website of Axie Infinity where you have to continuously Check the Latest updates on the Gas Fee SLP to PHP.

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees
Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees-Step by Step Guide

If you are not doing it for your first time or you have became a Scholar then you can ignore this first Step and directly jump to the Second Step.

Step 1: First of all, Sign in to your Ronin wallet and Axie Infinity and Claim your SLP from Axie Infinity Dashboard

Click on ‘Claim SLP’ in the Axie Infinity and Send your desired SLP from Axie infinity to Ronin Wallet.

Wait for Sometime as the transaction can take some time.

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees
Claim SLP with NO Gas Fees

Step 2: Go to Binance Dashboard and Click on ‘Wallet’ and Under Wallet click on ‘Overview’

Make sure your Binance Verification and KYC should have properly done Because transaction will not take place if your account is not compeletely verified.

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees
Select Overview

Step 3: Deposit your SLP in the Binance Wallet by clicking on ‘Deposit’

Under Deposit Click on ‘Deposit Crypto‘ and the Select SLP(Smooth Love Potion)

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees
Select SLP

Step 4: Then you have to ‘Select network’ on the given pop up

Choose ‘Ronin’ or ‘Ron’ under Network Tab and Select and Copy the whole Address.

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees
Select RON

Step 5: Deposit your SLP from Ronin Wallet to the Binance Wallet

Open Ronin Wallet and Send your SLP to the Binance Wallet by replacing 0x with ronin:

Eg- ronin:your Address and click on Send to complete the Transaction.

After Transaction is completed your Balance will be shown in the Fiat and Spot Wallet in Binance.

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees
Enter Address
gas fee slp to binance

Step 6: Convert your SLP to USDT and Trade

Now you will see a ‘Trade’ option under SLP row.

Click on ‘Trade‘ and Select SLP/USDT.

Click on ‘Sell’ and drag the Percent Bar to Sell full SLP in your Wallet.

Select 100% to Transfer all your SLP to USDT.


Check your Bianace wallet to see your Recent Conversion.

Step 7: Transfer your USDT from ‘Fiat and Spot’ to ‘P2P’ in Binance

USDT from ‘Fiat and Spot’ to ‘P2P’

Go to ‘Fiat and Spot’ and Transfer your USDT to ‘P2P’ By Selecting your Coin as USDT.

Drag Towards Max 100% and then Click on ‘Confirm’

Step 8: Sell your USDT to your Desired Currency

Go to ‘P2P’ and Select Sell under USDT

Select Full Amount and Click on ‘SELL’.

Screenshot 2021 12 18 195517

Hope these Steps will be Able to Save some Bugs for you and Help you in Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees. Still Confused About the Steps:

Consider Watching this Full live Video with Detailed each and Every Steps as Above:

Withdraw SLP with NO Gas Fees -Credits: Girlie P

Disclaimer: Playing Axie Infinity is not a Financial Advice . We are not Responsible for any kind of loss by your end. Play Smartly.

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