Luna Down 54% in 33 Days | Why? & Price Prediction

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In the past week, Terra Luna has dropped an additional 32% in just 5 days, but why?! In this video, we go over two reasons, that I believe have led to pressure on the price of Luna. The first being the connection that Anchor has with Abracadabra, which is going through a bunch of drama, and the second reason being the depleting Anchor reserves!

I also cover my Luna price prediction in the video, where I can see Luna trading down to the $35-$42 levels, depending on how long it takes for the TFL team to replenish the reserves.

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Reviewing the pain
1:48 – 1st Reason
9:55 – 2nd Reason
13:39 – Price Prediction

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