Neglected Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

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This guide is for the 1.0 version, which changes a few things including the crystal locations.
I made a walkthrough (with achievements except the radios) and a seperate Achievement section.


Follow the instructions at the start, there isn’t anything to miss yet.

Once the building changed you’ll need a password.

The password for the safe is located behind a box you can push to the side.

Now go into the next room to the left. The safe is located right past the boxes.

Safe password: 54128

Head to the monitoring room.


img 6329293faca20

Head out of your room and get ready to go outside.

In the hallway you’ll find a green vending machine, use it twice for an achievement.

Outside head to the alleyway to the north. Interact with the basketball from the left until it’s in the square with the X for another achievement. You can reset the screen if you get it wrong by exiting and re-entering it.

Now head back south, cross the street and enter the building to the left for yet another achievement.

Afterwards go down the street to the right to continue and follow the story for the rest of the Prelude.

Chapter 1

img 6329293fe1351

Follow the story for a while, for some additional text you can check the papers that are laying around.

If you are quick you can get through two lasers at a time in the first laser corridor, but I suggest not getting greedy and going one by one.

Same in the second corridor with the double laser.

In the first box room the laser won’t damage the box and they’ll reset you on contact, but not the box.

The maze room:

img 632929402819f

With the walkie-talkie when you press a coloured button the same coloured tiles will be deactivated. You need to manually use it every time.

You can double-tap the box. This time if you get hit the room resets as well, so don’t get greedy.

Deactivate the tiles the moment you see them instead of when you’re just infront of them, so you don’t have to be as precise with stopping when running.

In the button room go one full round there are only two rows so it’s easier than crisscrossing through.

The next part is a bit of a trial and error. The grey moving boxes won’t hurt you. Sometimes you have to wait for the orbs to move a space before rushing past them. Additionally make sure to look ahead! There’s an electric floor coming up the end. Afterwards head left! Up ahead is just a dead-end.

Now you start finding crystals, they are marked by shiny spots and you don’t lose them upon death. The first one is in the most left down corner of the dark maze. The exit is in the upper right corner, you need to run towards and then dodge iron bullets to get there.

The next room is a bit easier and the exit is to the upper right again.

Another running section, this time the exit is in the upper left corner, so stick to the left. Then block the door and enter the vent with the screwdriver off the wall.

Follow the story path from here.

Chapter 2

img 632929406277b

Follow the story path until you go down the long stairs.

Run, while you can inspect objects they don’t do anything. The air vent is your way out again.

In the storage area grab the key from the drawers (the big shiny spot).

Use it to open the glass cabinet in the next room to the south. The shiny spot to the north is another crystal.

Head back up to the black door and into the next room.

For this box-pushing puzzle you want to push the first box one down. Then head around to the third and push it two to the left. Move around to push the second box into the upper corner with the marking. Then push the remaining boxes into place, make sure to not push the first one all the way down.

The next one is relatively easy. Once you got three of the boxes in place (the lower marked spots first, leave the second from the top open) push the last box into the hallway where you came from to walk around it and push it into the last spot.

Next room’s easy.

The big room after that has nothing in it, so you can just move on to the next.

There’s a computer in the office that needs a password. Move on for now.

You can only head up at the next intersection to the dormitories.

img 63292940cc838

In Dormitory 2 you find the key to Dormitory 3.

The note in Dorm 3 has the computer password.

Head back to the computer and in-put the password.

Computer password:

65213You’ll get a safe password and a riddle for the password to exit the area.

The area password puzzle is in the room to the right.

Head to the dormitory corridor again and enter it in the safe at the end of it.

Safe password:

7427Now you can enter the bowling alley. There’s a crystal in the upper left corner of it.

To start the puzzle you need to interact with the bowling alley.

The directions you need to input are:

Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.

You get a keycard that opens up the path outside to the left.

Area password:

521Head through the first door up in the next corridor for another crystal.

In the other room right next to it you find a key.

Head back out and along the corridor to the next intersection. The key is used for the door up and to the left.

The computer to the middle right has a terminal code for you.

Head back to the terminal next to the green vending machine you came across and input the code.

Terminal code:

9231Head to the end of the room and grab the key.

You can head back to the previous corridor and open the last door on it.

Take the access card from the table to the right.

Go back to the big intersection and head up to the dimly lit room. Use the card you just got on the terminal and open the gate.

Head further up. Do NOT go back down once you passed into the next chapter, it will break your game and you’ll have to load again.

Chapter 3

img 632929411bbb0

Follow the story path for a while.

The first jumping board puzzle goes:

Up, Up, Up, RightOr in other words the exit is to the top-right.

However to the left is a crystal.

In the next room the orbs are quite fast and you have to use the jumping boards to go down and up. Run past the first orb all the way to the bottom and the second can be outsmarted by circling the jumping board. The last one you have to bait to get past.

Time when you start running in the next room, because the orb will follow you.

Then there is a second electric maze:

img 632929414495e

This next room is a bit tricky ’cause you might not see what each button does at first. Push the box onto the first button to use the red jumping boards. Get the second box. Now you need to push the blue box onto the different looking button, so the white one has to deactivate the laser.

The room with the red and blue tiles looks intimidating at first, but they aren’t active, so just walk right through them.

At the intersection head up and follow the story path.

Head right into the Chem lab, you have to figure out a puzzle there. Grab the solutions from the glass cabinet and the purple liquid from the table. Take them to the machine it the right corner and start the experiment. Remember acid is red and 1, base is blue and 2.

With the password head to the upper most room, the big one. You find a crystal there and can open the safe at the end of it for an access card.

Chem safe password:

122Now head down and right. The access card is for the terminal there and opens the door next to it.

Inside you can find the box with nails for the achievement. Either way head through the first door to get a key. This is hall 1. Head into dorm 1 hall 1 for another crystal. Dorm 2 has a safe in it, remember that one.

Head to hall 2 or the yellow door to the right. Interact with the bunny on the table and pet it for the next achievement.

The key is for the dorm at the bottom to the left. Grab the keycard in it.

Then head to the room just above. The paper in it has the password for the safe in hall 1.

Grab the key from the safe.

Dormitory safe password:

5532Now you can head back into the dimly lit corridor and go through the last door. In it you’ll find another crystal.

You got everything from the dormitory, so now you can continue down the story path and pass the laser room.

Head into the first room, the one with the blue door. You get a C4 access code in it.

Now continue down the hallway. The electric tile puzzle reverses here a bit, step on the tiles that aren’t bloody.

Chapter 4

img 6329294174fec

Go along the story path until the next intersection.

Then head down right and into the third red door from the left. You should find your ninth crystal there.

Back at the intersection head up and to the right. Only the last two doors in this corridor are open.

Go through the first open one. Interact with the machine in the middle to get pincers.

All done here, so head back to the intersection and go left this time.

Interact with the broken box above the electric field.

At the next intersection with lasers go right.

In the room you find a computer and a note. The note contains the password to the computer.

Computer password:

1901Now you can go through the gate.

Last electric tile maze you’ll encounter:

img 63292941a9490

At the bullet room try sticking to the right.

This orb one is hard. Pass the first at the top, follow the second around it’s path for one loop and then run at the top again.

Run at the top again, but wait until the double orbs have passed at each segment.

In the next room quickly dodge in the middle and let the single laser pass.

Next box puzzle is easy, just don’t get greedy.

In the next room put the blue box on the second button first. Put the yellow box on the first button. Now move the blue box to the blue button. Then you can move the yellow box to the yellow one.

Grab the flashlight and go into the grey door. You need to press every sparkly button. The last crystal is in the upper left corner. Safe before you pick it up! Otherwise you loose out on an ending. If you pick it up now or go for the other ending first is up to you, the rest of the way is the same.

The exit is to the north in the middle.

Be quick at first, then you need to bait the orbs sometimes. Just don’t get cornered.

Follow the path until the next intersection.

There go right then down.

Another bowling puzzle.

First move the obstacles. Move obstacle 2 all the way to the left and obstacle 3 all the way up. Now move the bowling ball Left, Up, Right, DownWith your new key head back to the first intersection and down.

Go through the grey room and pick up the access card on the table to the right.

Head through the gate.

Final Chapter

img 63292941e3241

Let the time run out for an achievement and the Bad Ending. As of current you have to close your game every ending, because the CG won’t load.

C4 access code:

89066Follow the story from here to the end.


Most achievements are largely self-explanatory or story related, so they’re quite hard to miss if you explore everything.

img 6329294222cd8


Kick the basketball to the designated spot

Score a goal in the back alley by getting the basketball into the white square with an X.

img 632929426b303

img 6329294298f5f

vending machine

Coin operated twice in beverage machine

Use the green vending machine in the hallway twice.

img 63292942d2dc8

img 63292943108b2

sharp eye

find hidden room

The hidden room is across the street to the south-west and has sliding doors.

img 6329294343618

img 6329294370061

quick response

Quick escape with a screwdriver

Use the screwdriver to escape from the maze into the air vent. Story achievement, can’t be missed.

img 632929439f519

the most unlucky person

pierced by nails

Step on the box with nails in it in the dormitory with yellow walls.

img 63292943d85b8

img 632929442786b

cute doll

stroking the doll

Simply interact with the bunny doll in hall 2 of the yellow dormitory.

img 6329294452724

img 632929448300e


Forgot password

Just wait for the C4 to explode. This is also the Bad Ending.

img 63292944ab5a2


disarm c4 explosion

Escape without collecting all crystals. This is also the Good Ending.

img 63292944d9983

escape successfully

Collect 10 crystals

Hard to miss when looking around as they are all at shiny spots. This also gets you the Best Ending.

Crystal 1: To the very down-left of the dark maze where you use the flashlight for the first time.

Crystal 2: In the huge storage room at the top left, can’t be missed.

Crystal 3: In the bowling alley in the upper left corner.

Crystal 4: In the corner of Office 1, the first door up when you go through the gate you need the black keycard and a code for.

Crystal 5: At the first jumping board puzzle go: Up, Up, Up, Left

Crystal 6: In the upper right corner of the big room with green boxes, guns and medical equipment in the yellow sektor.

Crystal 7: In the first room to the right in hall 1 of the yellow dormitory.

Crystal 8: In the last room with the grey door in the yellow dormitory.

Crystal 9: In the third room from the left in the red corridor with four red doors.

Crystal 10: In the upper left corner of the last dark maze where you need to push all buttons.

img 6329294512717


Find all radios (except broken ones)

There are five radios in total that you need to interact with.

Radio 1: In Glen’s apartment, can’t be missed.

img 632929454772c

Radio 2: In the Secretary’s Office with the red carpet.

img 63292945afaa5

Radio 3: In the dimly lit Manager’s Office with the red and yellow colour scheme in the upper right corner under the light.

img 63292945de303

Radio 4: Near the end in the dimly lit area in the middle of a room when following the path.

img 6329294623711

Radio 5: Upstairs to the very right in the area you get to after disarming the C4 and having all 10 crystals.

img 632929465ad85

That’s everything we are sharing today for this Neglected guide. This guide was originally created and written by Niko. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

If you believe that any of the content on this site violates your rights, including your intellectual property rights, please contact us immediately using our contact form.

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