RESTLESS SOUL 100% Letters Location

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Localization of every collectible Letter in Restless Soul

Hello and BOO 🙂

Hi everyone. If someone is still struggling with finding the letters in Restless Soul, below are the locations of all of them. Thank you for using my guide. I hope you will have fun with this Game 🙂

1 – Alpha Town


img 631f01fe3ee64

2.img 631f01fe6931d

3.img 631f01fe9b230

4.img 631f01fecaab9

5.img 631f01ff04148

6.img 631f01ff2c93b

7.img 631f01ff663ca

img 631f01ff8d1d6

8.img 631f01ffad728

img 631f01ffcf63b

9.img 631f01fff170f

img 631f02001fd1e

2 – Waterfall Town


img 631f02003fcce


img 631f0200638f4

img 631f020095b04


img 631f0200c068a


img 631f0200e7c84


img 631f02011513f

6.img 631f020134ab2

7.img 631f020152da1

8.img 631f0201721b4

img 631f020194f88

9.img 631f0201b62ff

3 – Skull Cave

1.img 631f0201eb558

2.img 631f02021b379

3.img 631f020259261

img 631f02028b5da

.4 img 631f0202c59c0

img 631f0202eb441

5.img 631f020316ef1

6.img 631f02034a96a

img 631f020369d95

7.img 631f0203900d8

8. img 631f0203ae931

9.img 631f0203da19f

4 – Dark Town

1.img 631f02040acc8

2.img 631f02042837c

3.img 631f020455d6d

4.img 631f02047231f

5.img 631f02049a0e9

6.img 631f0204cbd50

7 i 8. img 631f020513c54

img 631f020536e8a

img 631f02055bf8b

img 631f02058af7e

9.img 631f0205ab089

5 – Piramid Town

1.img 631f0205d9ad5

2.img 631f020616bd2

3.img 631f020638799

4.img 631f020659b51

5.img 631f0206863e6

6.img 631f0206ae2fe

7.img 631f0206d3cef

8.img 631f0206f297c

9.img 631f02071ea70

6 – Stone Town

1.img 631f02074091f

2.img 631f02075f9fd

3.img 631f0207834a3

4.img 631f0207a1b6f

5.img 631f0207c47bd

6.img 631f0207e4858

7.img 631f020813aca

8.img 631f020840e4e

img 631f020868f43

9.img 631f0208934dd

7 – Western Town

1.img 631f0208cadab

2.img 631f0208f3d95

img 631f020922f97

3.img 631f020946d87

4.img 631f020968d2f

5.img 631f02099d17a

6.img 631f0209be822

7.img 631f0209e2401

8.img 631f020a1ec7a

9.img 631f020a439f3

8 – Neo Town

1.img 631f020a7a6de

2.img 631f020aa13c0

3.img 631f020ac8512

img 631f020aeb8ca

4.img 631f020b19b4e

img 631f020b37c40

5.img 631f020b58778

6.img 631f020b84883

7.img 631f020ba78b6

img 631f020bc449e

8.img 631f020be597b

9.img 631f020c1194d

img 631f020c33020

9 – Beach Town

1.img 631f020c61dc8

img 631f020c9a7bf

2.img 631f020cc762e

3.img 631f020cf2437

4.img 631f020d1db9c

img 631f020d3d844

5.img 631f020d6af56

6.img 631f020d8b7f2

img 631f020db8c93

7.img 631f020df081a

img 631f020e1f42a

8.img 631f020e3ffab

9.img 631f020e62d2f

img 631f020e9d05b

That’s everything we are sharing today for this RESTLESS SOUL guide. This guide was originally created and written by Acid J.Kołek. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

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