Shiba Inu BURN Portal and WHY the Price is FLAT!

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Today I’m walking you through the burn portal, how you can earn Ryoshi’s Vision token, and why the Shiba Inu Coin price is FLAT and not moving!
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Burning shiba inu coin allows us to reduce the overall supply. As a result of reducing supply, theoretically it helps make the coin more scarce. Now that said, I know a lot of people will do some math and realize it’s IMPOSSIBLE to burn that much shiba inu. They aren’t wrong, but, as part of a larger pie of things going on in the $SHIB ecosystem, this can be a huge win.

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Here is the website to the etherscan for all BURNT Shib transactions:

Chapters of Today’s Video on Shiba Inu Burn Portal
00:00 Chapters
00:24 Burnt Shib
01:04 How the Shiba Inu Burn Portal Works
07:55 Shib Burn Portal Walk Through
10:46 Current Total Supply of Shiba Inu Coin
12:23 Why Isn’t the Price Going Anywhere ($SHIB)

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