SLP Farming Guide 2022

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In this article, we will Discuss SLP Farming Guide in Axie Infinity. I hope if you are here you have already started playing with your Axies and made your first team out of it.

If you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start your SLP Farming journey, you are at the right place.

Before SLP Farming Beginners Guide, you should know the basics:

How much SLP can you Farm in One Day?

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Basically a new player and earn up to 75-80 SLP per day. Earning SLP totally depends on your performance in Arena mode as many players are earning more than 700 SLP in one day. By just completing daily Quest and Adventure mission you can collect an average of 200 SLP Daily. So you can now imagine what is the potential of Axie Infinity in coming future.

Even, top tier players earn about 2000 SLP a day and by calculating the amount of SLP to USD you can easily earn 50$ a day because the current value of SLP to USD is 0.03$.

Now, you can imagine what will be the potential of NFT games in the coming years.

There are three ways you can Grind SLPs:

Daily Quests – SLP Farming Guide

If you are a beginner, your first priority should be focussing on completing Daily Quest missions. Apart from Daily Quest there are also some events which will lend you more SLP but they those events not come regularly.

But Daily Guranteed SLP are around 50 SLP which you can get by completing daily Quest. Daily Quest missions comes and refreshes in every 24 Hours.

For completing Daily Quest you need to complete these steps:

  1. Collect Daily Rewards and Missions.
  2. Complete Adventure modes 10 times in a day.
  3. You have to win Atleast 5 Arena matches.

By following all the steps, you will be able to get all your daily SLP and you can Maximise them by playing again and again in Adventure mode and Arena mode.

Arena Mode – SLP Farming Guide

Arena mode SLP Rewards depends on your MMR rating and the number of trophies you won during the Arena matches. Focus on winning more and more trophies. MMR rating depends on the nature and experience of game you attain during your battle in Arena matches.

MMR TrophiesSLP Won
0-8001 SLP
800-10003 SLP
1000-11006 SLP
1100-13009 SLP
1300-150012 SLP
1500-180015 SLP
1800-200018 SLP
2000-219920 SLP
2200+22+ SLP
SLP Arena Reward Guide

You just have to focus on your MMR rating because if your MMR Rating will be Low you will not be able to earn a single SLP even you win all your Arena Matches.

NOTE: You will not earn even a single penny if your MMR will be under 800 so focus on building MMR Rating.

Convert SLP TO PHP

Adventure Mode – SLP Farming Guide

If you are starting Axie Infinity game from scratch you will be able to make a few SLP. As in the Starting level you will be struggling in getting SLP rewards as 1-5 Level only gives you 2-3 SLP.

As soon as your level increases, the SLP you are getting also increases and finally you will be able get around 50 SLP in your daily grind.

1 -4 Level 1 SLP
4-9 Level 2 SLP
9-14 Level 4 SLP
14-16 Level 6 SLP
16-20 Level 5-10 SLP
20-26 Level 10-20 SLP
Adventure Mode Farming Guide

TIPS and TRICKS: The trick involves using your Energy wisely in initial Days of Playing Axie Infinity. The Energy you save while playing Axie Infinity will Help you in Increase of your Level and also the level increase will benefit you in SLP Production.

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