Solana vs LUNA vs Ethereum 2 (Which is BEST?)

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Which blockchain is the best between Solana vs Terra (LUNA) vs Ethereum 2.0? In this video I compare the three cryptos using three categories: speed and scalability, future growth potential, and unique features.

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptos in the world by market cap. At the same time, they are running on outdated technology, sometimes referred to as Gen 1 and Gen 2 of the blockchain, respectively. But today we now have Gen 3 blockchains networks, including Do Kwon and Daniel Shin’s Terra, Anatoly Yakovenko’s Solana, and Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum 2.0.

But while all three cryptos improve on common problems with current blockchains, we need to compare them in detail if we want to determine which is the “Best” overall.

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