Terra Luna: Is it too LATE?

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Terra Luna. Is Luna a buy? Luna crypto.
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Luna price prediction

LUNA has more than 100X’d in less than a year.
But is it too late or is there still time to get in on this project?

Every top 10 crypto has seen a decrease in price recently.. except for 1 …
LUNA… the Terra protocol’s native token, has been on fire.

Terra is among the first blockchain networks with purely algorithmic stablecoins built for e-commerce. They’re a layer one blockchain and smart contract programmable.

It’s kind of like an automated federal reserve..

How this is different from most other stablecoins:

Terra stablecoins rely on a two-token seinoridge model. This is a big brain way of saying prices are stabilized by controlling the supply of coins in circulation.

When the coin price is above the peg, the supply is increased and when the price is below the peg supply is decreased.

Terra offers many different stablecoins but UST is the biggest in both market cap and total value locked with a market cap of $9B.

UST is getting more and more popular for a few reasons.

First you can earn nearly 20% APY on this token through anchor protocol
Second, people are getting pretty sick of Tether’s shenanigans… the largest stablecoin in the world, which has been surrounded in controversy for years as well as concerns that they don’t have complete assets to back the coin.

And this leads us to the question… will Terra Luna beat ethereum?

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