The Benza RPG – Tamura’s Haunting Guide

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This guide goes over Tamura’s “Haunting” ability and will list all of the skills that Tamura can learn as well as what monsters/people have them.


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Tamura can learn many of the special abilities that the monsters and people of Higashi Nakano can use. This guide is a list of the special abilities that he can learn and what monsters have that ability. There are probably other monsters that you can learn some of these from, if you notice one please let me know!

Tamura needs to be hit by damaging abilities to learn them. Other abilities he just needs to see once to learn it. If you are trying to force a monster to use an ability so that Tamura can use it, one of the best methods is to remove everyone other than Tamura from the party and have him guard until the monster uses the desired ability.

“Dual Attack”

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TP: 10

Two physical hits. Better than nothing if Tamura has the spare TP and nothing else to use it on.

You’d really have to go out of your way to NOT learn this skill once Tamura joins the party as so many early monsters use it.

Monsters: Gremlin, Charging Knight, Bugbear, Sewer Squid, Wheels

“Wither 1”

img 631f043a61438

MP: 15

Non elemental single target magic damage plus chance to inflict Amnesia which causes monsters to lose the ability to use Special (TP) skills. The wither series is very important as it is the only way to inflict Amnesia, so I recommend hunting this down as soon as possible.

Monsters: Mushroom, Imp, Willy

“Wither 2”

img 631f043aabc2a

MP: 30

Non elemental group magic damage plus the chance to inflict Amnesia as well as a chance to inflict the monsters with an accuracy down debuff.

Monster: ♥♥♥♥ Ghost, Train Guard, Wisteria

“Wither 3”

MP: 50

Single target strong non elemental magic damage plus the chance to inflict Amnesia, accuracy down, and critical hit rate down.

Monsters: Josh

“1000 Punch Kick”

img 631f043aea38b

TP: 20

Attacks randomly four times, two hits per attack. Has a high chance to miss. Has a high chance to inflict the Rage status. Rage causes the monsters to use their abilities on random targets which can lead to some very interesting situations where the monsters buff or heal the party.

Monsters: Bob

“Death Toll”

img 631f043b3d462

TP: 20

Any inflicted monster will die within three turns if they don’t remove the ability. Works on some of The Benza Battle Arena characters which can help you move through the ranks more quickly than if you fought all of them normally. This ability can actually be learned from Lee using his random negative status effect ability!

Learned From: Forbidden Box, Shadow Slither, Lee

“Brain Tap”

img 631f043b8201e

TP: 10

Does 50mp damage to a single target and restores Tamura’s MP by 50. Great for removing a boss’s MP to prevent it from healing or using magic attacks or in an MP emergency, but realistically is a bit hard to use in the middle of a boss fight as there are more important things for Tamura to do.

Learned From: Mimic, Cockatrice, Mall Bat, Forbidden Box, Hydrangea

“First Aid”

img 631f043bc0960

MP: 12

Weak healing plus removes blind and sleep. This is another one of those abilities that you’d have to try really hard to not run across as so many of the early game monsters use it.

Learned From: Charging Knight, Witch, Tatsuya, Stump, Swamp Creeper

“Ethereal Balance”

img 631f043c0336a

MP: 15

Grants a state that restores HP based off any magic damage the team does for the duration of this effect. This is an excellent ability to use in tandem with Stephanie, Lee, Za, or Tamura himself. Have Tamura use “Ethereal Balance” and then have the other party members to magic damage.

Learned From: Sewer Slug, Oleander


img 631f043c421b4

MP: 35

Allows a character to automatically return to life after being defeated. Extremely important to have for some of the later boss fights, and very easy to get off of the Black Flame monster on floor 27 of the Japanese School.

Learned From: Black Flame, Jilly

“Juju Magnet”

img 631f043c82820

MP: 25

Attracts all single target magic to Tamura and Tamura is healed by the MP cost of the spell. AOE magic attacks will still heal Tamura instead of harming him, but will damage the rest of the team.

Learned From: Demon, Cockatrice, Wraith

“Spell Shield”

img 631f043cded50

MP: 20

Prevents a magic attack from damaging the entire party one time. Very important and will be used in almost every boss fight from the time Tamura joins the party until the end of the game. Considering that “Spell Shield” can be learned from Sewer Slimes in the Sewer where you first play as Tamura, this should be no problem to get!

Learned From: Winky, Sewer Slime, Spider, Morion

“Reflex Ward”

MP: 20

Lowers the elemental damage of any spell that hits while the player has this status. For example, if a monster uses Fire 2 on the party, the party will gain a defensive buff against fire attacks.

I feel like the only way this is going to get any use is if you don’t have “Juju Magnet” or “Spell Shield” as those moves are both far superior to this one. I’d say this is only necessary to get if you’re a completionist.

Learned From: Rock Man, Wrinkles, Kosuke


TP: 10

Removes all positive and negative states and heals for an amount based on the effects removed.

Learned From: Giant Robot, Dark Tank

“Drop the Bass”

img 631f043d3c48f

MP: 15

Removes all of the buffs from the monsters. Simple, but extremely effective! It’s also very easy to get as Ace1 uses this move frequently in The Benza Battle Arena.

Learned From: Ace1

That’s everything we are sharing today for this The Benza RPG guide. This guide was originally created and written by craft777. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

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