Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions – Chapter 19 Walkthrough and Map

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I made a detailed walkthrough on Chapter 19 as well to go with my Chapter 20 walkthrough as i found Chapter 19 slightly tricky.

Guide Overview

Please let me know if anything is incorrect in this walkthrough as I am mostly going by memory.

The following image is a compilation of screenshots I did to generate the full map as it appears during the preparations stage:

img 631f00d4cae9a

Map Overview

The following is a detailed map of chapter 19 with all the data listed:

img 631f00d4f327f


The following lists all the items available in this chapter:

  • The top right chest contains a Fell Bow
  • The middle right chest contains a Prayer Staff
  • The upper bottom chest contains a Staff of Impetus
  • The bottom-most chest contains Withered Bow if Cyltan’s Am Solim is broken before opening this chest. Otherwise it is a Ring of Bliss. You want the Withered Bow so break the Am Solim on this level if you haven’t already.


The following lists all of the events which occur on this chapter:

  • The lever near the dragons opens the door to the central chamber.
    img 631f00d51e8a2
  • The lever near the clones of the party reveals the staircase to the altar.
  • The room of statues comes to life as your units get close, they are decently strong so I used Hilda to counter attack all of them. Go slowly through the room to only awaken four at a time.
  • The eidolon room turns all of your fighters into eidolons which are skeletal warriors. The skeletal warriors cannot use bow weapons so don’t bring your archers into the room. Note if any of your units die in this room they apparently come back in chapter 20. It is not considered a death but they are no longer available for the rest of the map.
  • If you have the Withered Bow it will turn into the Ceddica’s Will around here


The following lists all the bosses:

  • Valerius – leaves
  • Syvill – leaves
    img 631f00d543dab
  • Zweiras – transforms after defeating Adonsphair, I had to one turn him on the turn I defeated
    Adonsphair to safely deal with him. He has nasty skills and slumber strike.
    img 631f00d566c0b
    img 631f00d58fc8e
  • Adonsphair – you need powerful archers and should get the bows on this chapter. Hitting his center does damage to him, not the edge. He takes up 9 spaces and has 1-2 range from each space.
    img 631f00d5b05ca


The following section lists all the reinforcements

  • A group of enemies appears once in a while behind the green units. Best to have the green units take care of them. If you want to protect the green units you can have a few units move down there to deal with the reinforcements. I don’t think you get anything protecting the green units and the leaders are bulky enough to survive somewhat.
    img 631f00d5d23be
    img 631f00d5f2924
  • A gargoyle enemy raus appears once in a while in the far bottom left corridor.
  • A group of nearby skeleton bone piles come to life every time you open a chest with Hoelun.
  • Some axemasters appear in this doorway. They can be easily dealt with via archers.
  • Some margulian wraiths appear in this doorway. They have a tome that can drop you to 1HP.

Tricky enemies

The following lists the enemies that are hardest to deal with:

  • The wyrms in the corner can be tricky. I found Dune and his personal weapon to be the best way to handle them. One drops a Siurian Thaumite.
    img 631f00d621cd6
  • The long range necromancers have status effect staves. Cyltan and Dune are good for taking out them and canto back out of the Adonsphair’s range. I used the staff of impetus with Neira and the taskmaster ability to take out as many as possible in a single turn.

Softlock Warning

There are two methods to softlock yourself which I can think of in this chapter. One of them is given as a warning when you start the chapter.

  • You need to turn on the switch in the double Wyrm room, however you cannot continue moving after you first enter the room. If both of the Wyrms kill your unit on enemy phase it is over. You cannot complete the map. Only one person is allowed to enter the room and it cannot by Cyltan.
  • If none of your archers are strong enough or have personal weapons the fight against Adonsphair is over. He does not have low defense and resistance and heals 30HP on the start of enemy phase. My maxed strength Cyltan was doing around 11×4 with Siegfried’s buffs applied. Maxed level Dune was slightly worse with his personal weapon. If you chose not to spend time leveling Cyltan, Dune, or Hoelun (who isn’t very hard hitting anyway) this chapter is most likely unbeatable. It is also worse if there is barely any uses left of Am Solim on Cyltan and you opened the chest that contained the Withered Bow before then.
    Here was my Cyltan who took down Adonsphair easily for comparison to yours at this point.
    img 631f00d642c01

That’s everything we are sharing today for this Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions guide. This guide was originally created and written by salehtundra. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

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