Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister – Chapter 1 Walkthrough and Map Guide

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100% list for all items and secrets I found in Chapter 1 as well as some general strategies. Spoils all events in the chapter.

Guide Overview

I made a few guides on the first game recently and enjoyed doing it so I am going to list some of the interesting stuff I found on a chapter by chapter basis as well as some strategies for beating the chapter. I hope others who are unfamiliar with SRPGs or struggle with these types of games can be helped by this guide. Also those who want 100% of everything this is for you.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Be aware this spoils everything on the map and everything I could find. I may update the guide in the future if there are branching paths towards decisions made early on in previous chapters like the first game.

Map and Details

The following is the conditions for clearing this map:

img 631ff507b555b

Zade is your main hero and you must not let him die on this map or it is game over.

The following is what the first chapter looks like on Turn 1:

img 631ff507dbff6

I went through and marked everything of interest on the map as shown here:

img 631ff5081f5cf

New Recruits

This section goes over all the playable units we acquire in this map.


This section goes over conversations your units can have and what benefits they give in this chapter:

img 631ff5096a9c5

  • Zayid can talk to Ashram. When Zayid talks to Ashram, Ashram gains a Merc Sword in his inventory.
  • Sheela can talk with Zade. After talking she gets a permanent +1 point to her luck stat.

Items and Item Drops

The following lists all the items that I could find in this chapter:

  • The lower left house on the map gives you Octavo Herbs
  • The flower near the lower left house gives you an Antidote
    img 631ff50993f94
  • The house in the top right corner gives you Herbs
    img 631ff509b80e8
  • The house in the top left corner near the grave with a hole gives you an Elixir
  • The skeleton next to the hole gives you a Divine Sword. It gives you a choice on whether or not you want to do this. If you do, you get the Divine Sword but whichever unit picks it up gets put to sleep and bone soldiers with a 2x hit effect weapon spawn from the hole for about 4 turns. I picked it up with Sujata since she cannot die and used Accorte’s fire tome to easily deal with the skeletons at range.
    img 631ff509e8f4a
  • The tome behind the town you need to arrive at with Zade gives you the Potential Tome. A skill book that is very valuable. It appears only Sujata can move over the gray mountains tiles one at a time to get it.
    img 631ff50a2462b

The following lists all the item drops enemies yield in this chapter:

  • Odomir drops a Hatchet upon defeat
  • Nyrobie drops a Sack of Coin upon defeat
  • Aristotle drops a Villains Purse upon defeat
  • a hunter near the top right of the map drops a Hunting Bow upon defeat


For me on turn 4 a scene played out and Zayid and Sheela appeared before the village. They become playable at this point.


The only enemy reinforcements we need to deal with on this chapter are the bone soldiers that spawn from the hole if you take the Divine Sword from the skeleton near it. It also triggers a little scene telling you about the reinforcements.

img 631ff50a57d73


There seem to be four special bosses/minibosses in this level.

  • Odamir – has a 1-2 range hatchet which he drops. He is of the advanced Berserker class.
    img 631ff50a8eb2e
  • Humphrey – has a 1-2 range Vampire Axe which can lifesteal on hit.
    img 631ff50ac3abd
  • Nyobie – your first arbalest user in the game. These units have massive range 3-7 range and can become pretty annoying in later maps. They cannot counter attack at close distances however like 1-2 range.
    img 631ff50b02c76
  • Aristotle – the deadliest of the four and most likely the real boss of this map. He has 1-2 range and a decently strong weapon. He is of the advanced Chief Thief class.
    img 631ff50b3b33f


This section details strategies used to beat this chapter.

This is a pretty easy chapter. I found the easiest way to deal with this was to send Sujata, Accorte, and Zade up and have Ashram move back onto the forest and deal with the three poison knife wielding thieves in the bottom right corner of the map. He had the First Blood skill so he tended to defeat them before he could get poisoned. I interacted with the Divine Sword with Sujata since she was invicible to death and used Accorte and her fire tome to deal with the continual skeleton spawns at a safe distance. Zade easily took care of the bandits and Odamir and Humphrey. I had Sheela take out Nyrobie as soon as she spawned and she also took out Aristotle when he attacked her. Other than that make sure to get all the items and have Sheela talk to Zade and Zayid talk to Ashram.

That’s everything we are sharing today for this Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister guide. This guide was originally created and written by salehtundra. In case we fail to update this guide, you can find the latest update by following this link.

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