Who is eleven in love with in Stranger Things?

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Who is eleven in love with in Stranger Things?

Eleven (real name Jane Ives) is the love interest of Mike Wheeler in the supernatural drama series Stranger Things.

Who is eleven’s sister?

Linnea Berthelsen (born 13 July 1993) is a Danish actress who is best known for her recurring role as Kali “Eight” , the “sister” of Jane “Eleven” Ives in the second season of the science-fiction horror Netflix original series Stranger Things.

Are the 11 and 8 sisters?

That doesn’t answer the question of whether or not they are sisters, though. Judging by the title of the episode and how both girls say “sister” when they notice each other’s tattoos, they’re definitely sisters in their way.

Is Eleven Hopper’s real daughter?

Jim Hopper is a fictional character from the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things….Jim Hopper (Stranger Things)

Jim Hopper
Occupation Police chief
Family Eleven / Jane Hopper (adoptive daughter) Sarah Hopper (biological daughter; deceased)
Spouse Diane Hopper (divorced)

11 more rows

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