Who is Rochelle on Greenleaf?

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Who is Rochelle on Greenleaf?

Rochelle Cross is a recurring character on OWN’s Greenleaf. She is introduced in Season 2, Episode 10 (“Call Not Complete”). She donated $10,000 to the church stating that her and her husband have not been to church in five years and that $10,000 would be enough tithes to make up for their absence.

What happened to Rochelle cross on Greenleaf?

Tuesday night on Greenleaf, Rochelle Cross returned. She had during previous years been working with Tasha and Bassie to bring down the Greenleaf fanily. They believed the Bishop lured their father to a fiery death and sought revenge. She flirted with Bishop Greenleaf then set him up for fraud.

Why did Bishop Greenleaf leave Greenleaf?

Bishop James Greenleaf was all set to marry Lady Mae, but he left before they could be officially married.

Did Pastor Greenleaf cheat on his wife?

Jacob Greenleaf (Lamman Rucker) was true to his ne’er do well label when he was having an affair with Bishop’s secretary Alexa (Kristen Erickson). He ended it and Alexa was fired once Jacob’s wife Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) discovered the affair.

Is Basie skanks on Greenleaf dead?

On the last episode of Season 3, he is being followed and chased by an angry loan shark who finds him in a gas station bragging about the amount of money he ran into. Season 5 Jacob finds out that Basie’s dead.

Is Greenleaf over for good?

The story of the Greenleaf family has finished with its fifth season. Although there’s no Greenleaf season 6, the Oprah Winfrey Network has confirmed that they are planning to come out with a spin-off series for this family drama.

Is Greenleaf based on a true story?

As for Greenleaf, that story remains purely fictional.

Is AJ really Grace’s son on Greenleaf?

Unless the writers are plotting a twist involving AJ for the show’s upcoming spin-off, then he is in fact the son Grace gave up for adoption when she was just 18 years old. Though many viewers speculated that AJ’s secret would have something to do with his real identity, it actually centered on his time in prison.

Who killed Darryl on Greenleaf?

Mac McCreadyThe speculation among the children at the time was that Bishop Greenleaf was responsible for Darryl’s death. However in season 5, episode 4 of the series, the true culprit was revealed. Lady Mae’s brother Mac McCready was the one who lured Darryl into the church basement and then burned the church down.

Is Greenleaf having a Season 5?

The fifth and final season of Greenleaf premieres on Tuesday, June 23 at 9 p.m. ET on OWN. A spin-off from Greenleaf creator Craig Wright has already been confirmed: “I can’t wait for the conversation to continue,” Wright tells OprahMag.com.

Did AJ really rob the pharmacy Greenleaf?

We know he robbed the pharmacy and the other guy(Angel) basically sacrificed himself,” complained one, noting AJ’s possible all-consuming guilt a result of letting this Angel die after he saved his life. Another shared: “I’m glad #Greenleaf is fictional.

Is Basie dead Greenleaf?

Basie, played by Jason Dirden, is a major antagonist to the Greenleaf family. When Jacob discovers that Darryl James was set to inherit from Mrs. Davis’ will, he sets out to find Basie, Darryl’s son. But when he sees Tasha, she drops a bombshell: Basie is dead.

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