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Attorney Jeremy Hogan on this one;
“Att’y Deaton’s response might be my FAVORITE brief in the Ripple
case so far. It defends his position in the case, defends his own actions,
attacks the SEC, attacks the SEC expert, all in four pages. AND, also
happens to spill on Hinman and his “relation” to Ethereum. BRAVO!”

And further down the line, following the latest, and to justify its rather misguided
claims against #xrp and essentially all of crypto! While Coinbase and these other
exchanges and crypto entities in the U.S. folded their arms and turned a blind eye,
the SEC bullied Ripple: Even worse, being an a bettor by immediately delisting the
coin once the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple and XRP, back in 2020. #cryptocurrency

A publication that immediately kickstarted a trend where all of these exchanges
followed suit, in delisting the XRP coin. And I must say that even though 2021
ended up being quite an interesting year for Ripple, unfortunately, I wouldn’t say
the same for the first quarter to the first quarter. As we had, on one hand, the
former founder and CTO of Ripple engaged in a massive selling spree of his XRP
holding, at the same time, dipping the price of this digital asset. While we had
these exchanges in the U.S. all denouncing their association with the Ripple coin! #bitcoin

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